2024 3rd International Conference on Smart Energy and Electrical Engineering (SEEE 2024)

SEEE 2023

Conference Review


2023年第二届智慧能源与电气工程国际学术会议(SEEE 2023)

2023 2nd International Conference on Smart Energy and Electrical Engineering

●TimeDecember 22, 2023    ●Location: Online Conference    

The primary goal of the conference is to promote research and developmental activities in"Smart Energy" and  "Electrical Engineering" .Another goal is to promote scientific information interchange between researchers, developers, engineers, students, and practitioners working all around the world.

SEEE 2023 is focus on the development and technical needs of the national energy industry, aiming to provide a forum for experts and scholars, engineers and technicians, and R&D personnel engaged in smart energy, electrical engineering, power engineering, control science and engineering, computer science and technology, materials science and engineering and other fields to share scientific research results and cutting-edge technologies, understand academic development trends, and broaden research ideas. Strengthen academic research and discussion, and promote the industrialization of academic achievements cooperation platform.

SEEE 2023丨Online Conference Review

"Keynote Speech" Session

Keynote Report 1

张艺明教授 /Prof. Yiming Zhang 福州大学 / Fuzhou University, China

Title of the speech: Wireless Power Transfer and its Application on Electric Vehicle Wireless Charging


Keynote Report 2

黄世龙副教授 / A.Prof. Shilong Huang  华北电力大学 / North China Electric Power University, China

Title of the speech: Corona loss characteristics of EHV/UHV AC transmission lines


Keynote Report 3

Mohan Lal Kolhe 教授 / Prof. Mohan Lal Kolhe

阿格德大学/ University of Agder, Norway

Title of the speech: Integrated Renewable Energy System based on Hydrogen


▶Oral Report◀

Xiusan Zhao, Wuhan University of Technology, China

Title: Design and analysis of A-frame structure for laying 50t submarine cable


Xiankui Wen, Electric Power Research Institute of Guizhou Power Grid Co., LTD., China 

Prediction of power generation output of compressed air energy storage tank based on temperature limitation


Wenlong Mao, Anhui University of Technology, China

Title:LLC Resonant Converter Analysis In PO Mode


Yubo Song, CCTEG Xi’an Research Institute (Group) Co., Ltd., China 

Upper Corner Gas by High-level Directional Long Drilling in Roof


▶Poster Section◀

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This conference presented a number ofdomestic and foreign research achievements in the field of Smart Energy and Electrical Engineering to all experts and scholars, which not only broadened the academic horizon of young talents in this field, but also provided a professional academic exchange platform for researchers engaged in this field. Thank you again for your participation. See you next year!